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Farewell ....

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you , who as our dedicated customers, trusted our services and company, and kept us for so many decades at the top, since when we started our first steps to the field of food catering and tavern, as teenagers, that spring of 1989.

We would like also to thank our staff as well as our suppliers that shared with us happy but also and difficult times of our demanding business, whom they also contributed in turn to the excellent operation of our business.

And of course we can not forget to mention and say a big thank you to our families. Parents, wives and children, everybody through its role and patience, sacrificing summer rest and holidays, they supported us and gave us the power and strength to continue.

So the time has come, to inform you regarding our decision to close our tavern and follow new professional roads, a decision that wasn’t taken because of a “downfall” of our business, but was taken under a clear mind, and voluntarily and while the business was running on high speed and was at its peak. Many maybe have questions about that, but things are looking quite differently when you see them from outside, as an uninvolved viewer, then a business man with many years of experience and contribution on the field.

It would give us great pleasure to see you again at the same establishments but with different services.

Thank you very much in advance.

Ikosimo Hotel

In the coastal town of Milina, which is a short distance from Kala Nera, you will find the Ikosimo Hotel where you can enjoy a great selection of comfortable and quality accommodation.

Ikosimo Hotel